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2024 Holland Coaching Education Tour

Auke and his highly trained Soccer Alliance, LLC. staff belief that travel and recreational training programs will develop players technically, tactically as well as mentally. In order to emphasize techniques and tactics no activity will be performed without players direct ball contact at all times.

Soccer Alliance, LLC. coaching staff uses the most up to date coaching philosophies introduced by US Soccer: Play-Practice-Play and Warmup-Orientation-Learning-Implementation. All of the Soccer Alliance, LLC. coaching staff have a minimum of the US Soccer National D-license or higher. US Soccer is the only entity in the country that issues official coaching licenses.

We believe and practice economical training. Auke's coaching staff coaches include the ball in every exercise. The time a coach can spend on the field with an individual player or a team is short, so every touch on the ball is a valuable one and with every touch on the ball players will improve. Economical training means training in repetition various technical and tactical topics while the pace remains elevated to improve conditioning. Economical training will always take place in a fun learning environment with only positive reinforcement.

According to the Dutch soccer philosophy, which Auke also utilizes in the training programs, ball possession is the key to every soccer game. If a team is able to maintain possession and is able to create scoring opportunities by using the defense, midfield and attacking players, then a soccer team is playing a game that is most fun for all players to play. With this knowledge in mind, our staff is conducting training sessions in which ball possession is our main objective. Ball possession can be taught in many different ways and it may require less coaching at times from a trainer/coach since we do not want to destroy the player's own creativity. We do not want to develop robotic players, who remain in position and have to pass the ball all the time. We want the players to make the decisions. Putting an emphasis on ball possession does not mean that we do not train defensively. The Soccer Alliance, LLC. coaching staff is highly motivated and trained to train all 4 components of the game: Offense – Defense – Transition from offense to defense – Transition from defense to offense.

He believes that high-pressure defense is the best for youth soccer. By trying to win the ball back on the opponents' half it will give a team many advantages. First, when the ball is already on the opponents' half it gives a team a better chance to score quickly, since you are closer to the opponents' goal. Secondly, and even more important, it also teaches the forwards and the midfielders to start defending because defense begins with the forwards at any level of play.

Auke trains and coaches at many different skill levels. At all levels, the development of the players is key. Depending on the level of play and the age group, winning should not be the most important object. While everybody likes to win, the main task for a staff member working for Auke is to develop a player and a team as a whole. We know that when the individual and the team develop over the course of a season the results will get better as well. Above all, we firmly believe that and especially with the younger age groups that we still have to develop and create a love for the game.