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Blairstown Youth Soccer Club Recreation  

Blairstown Youth Soccer Club is hiring the services of Soccer Alliance, LLC. to conduct the Spring 2022 recreational soccer season. Soccer Alliance, LLC. will conduct the sessions to generate enthusiasm for the game of soccer among the children of Blairstown and surrounding towns as well as improving the technique and grassroots tactical decision making.


FUNdamentals will be taught by offering fun soccer activities in which the player is encouraged to make decisions based upon the game. Tag games and other maze games will be utilized to improve the technical and tactical understanding of the game.

The training session will be broken up in fun soccer activities for about 35-40 min., followed by small sided games for the last 25 to 20 minutes.

The Blairstown Youth Soccer Club (BYSC) is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to fostering the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of Blairstown Township youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of competition. Together with Soccer Alliance, LLC. they strive to develop players at a levels of play in the Blairstown Township area, not only for the growth of our community soccer program, but for the growth of the individual as well. BYSC and Soccer Alliance, LLC. do this by building and improving their skills, confidence, fitness and initiate, but above all: instilling a sense o teamwork and developing a passion for the beautiful game of soccer.

BYSC and Soccer Alliance, LLC. are also committed to developing coaching skills through quality instructional programs.

BYSC and Soccer Alliance, LLC. promote and encourage high standards of sportsmanship and fair play.

BYSC is governed by an elected Board of Directors holding regular monthly meetings on the first or second Tuesday of each month. See the BYSC website for more information.

The Spring of 2022 will offer the following programs:

Tuesday dates:       start 4/26/2022 through 5/31/2022

Thursday dates:       start 4/28/2022 through 6/2/2022

Tuesday:  U4 – U7      5:00PM-6:00PM (Birth Year 2017-2014)

                    U8 - older   6:00PM-7:00PM (Birth Year 2013 and older)

Thursday: U4 – U7      5:00PM-6:00PM (Birth Year 2017-2014)

                    U8 - older   6:00PM-7:00PM (Birth Year 2013 and older)

Program cost: $95.00

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Blairstown Youth Soccer Club Recreation Spring Clinic