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Auke Wiersma is organizing half day, full day and weekend coaching clinics upon club requests. Auke's Dutch soccer career combined with his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Physical Education, U.S. Soccer Federation National "A" license, US Soccer National Grassroots Instructor License as well as being a NJYS coaching school staff member of over 20 years make him ideally qualified to educate. The coaching clinics are for both the recreational and the travel coach.


Auke's clinics combine classroom sessions with field sessions.

The coaching clinics may be conducted at the client's soccer facility or at a more convenient location.

Auke firmly believes that young soccer players deserve coaches that have a thorough understanding of soccer and the professional skills required to teach children. It is important that a coach not only understands how soccer is played but also feel what it is like to play the game in order to motivate their team.

The main focus of the coaching clinic is the learning skills of the youth soccer player. The field sessions and classroom sessions will focus on the psycho-social, technical, tactical and physical development per different age groups and how this effect the coaching and training.

The sessions will also focus in detail on how to create a team youth plan including breakdowns of instrumental training sessions and scrimmages to accommodate any team's strengths and weaknesses. The classroom sessions will outline proper preparation and conduct for coaches, while always stressing positive reinforcement. The experiences gained in the coaching clinics are a valuable tool for coaches at any level.

The following clinics can be offered either separately or in combination:

Classroom sessions:

1.     How to design a soccer training lesson plan.

2.     How to transfer game analysis to lesson plans.

3.     Characteristics of age appropriate training activities.

4.     The Coaching Tool Kit.

5.     How to teach the 4 vs. 4 age groups/game model

6.     How to teach the 7 vs. 7 age groups/game model

7.     How to teach the 9 vs. 9 age groups/game model

8.     How to teach the 11 vs. 11 age groups/game model

Field sessions:

1.     Three-dimensional lesson* on game tactics in 4 vs. 4 game model

2.     Three-dimensional lesson* on game tactics in 7 vs. 7 game model

3.     Three-dimensional lesson* on game tactics in 9 vs. 9 game model

4.     Three-dimensional lesson* on game tactics in 11 vs. 11 game model

5.     What does a Play-Practice-Play training session look like?

6.     What does a Warmup-Orientation-Learning-Implementation training session look like?

7.     Fun soccer learning activities for our youngest players (U5-U6)

Every session is two and a half (2.5) hours long. Each session will end with a 30-minute reflection activity.

* Three dimensional lessons are lessons taught in real time on the field while the candidates are playing.

If your club is interested in the coaching clinics/coaching education please contact Soccer Alliance, LLC. at