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We are all looking forward to the moment we are allowed back on the field, training the individual players and teams. Soccer Alliance, LLC. has created training activities for dribbling, small sided games and finishing. All the activities are designed with the 6 feet distance rule in mind. It is up to the coach and the players to adhere to the rules and other precautionary regulations. See for an updated “Return to Play” recommendation list by clicking here.

The training activities do not meet the Play-Practice-Play or Orientation-Learning-Implementation methodologies Soccer Alliance, LLC. is using for their team and club training. Neither are the activities placed in any particular order.

Soccer Alliance, LLC. is offering the activities for free to any interested coach, but is not liable for any unwanted outcomes of any training session and/or social gathering on the field, such as COVID-19 illness by players or staff and/or injuries.

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