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   OPTIONS                                                                     1ST TRAINING SESSION                                         2ND TRAINING SESSION


     A                                                                  SESSION ACCORDING TO TEAM PLAN                  SESSION ACCORDING TO TEAM PLAN

     B                                                                 SESSION ACCORDING TO GAME ANALYSIS          SESSION ACCORDING TO TEAM PLAN

     C                                                                 SESSION ACCORDING TO GAME ANALYSIS          SESSION ACCORDING TO GAME ANALYSIS


The following table represents various training program options using a youth team soccer plan and or game coaching evaluations. This table is based upon an optimum training program of using 2 training sessions per week.

Option A:

2 training sessions based upon team youth plans only. A team youth plan will be planned in detail prior to the season for the entire year. Breaking down the training sessions per season, month, week and day. Technical as well as tactical development will be part of the youth plan, with the youth plan gradually increasing in the difficulty of the exercises. The Play-Practice-Play methodology will be utilized in which optimal technical ability and individual decision making is promoted.

Option B:

1 training session based upon the team youth plan and 1 training session based upon the game analysis. The team will become well rounded and benefit from the custom youth plan while quickly rectifying "soccer problems" as outlined in the game analysis. The Play-Practice-Play methodology or the Warmup-Orientation-Learning-Implementation methodology is used.

Option C:

2 training sessions per week based upon the game analysis only is designed for the more high level teams. The sessions are designed to adjust to an opponent's weaknesses and strengths. The object of these mostly tactical sessions is to keep a team's signature formation of play using this formation every game, however changing the style of play to defeat the opponent. The Warmup-Orientation-Learning-Implementation methodology is used.

*Prices Upon Request.

Recreational Soccer Training Program:

At Soccer Alliance, LLC. we view a soccer club as a pyramid. The smallest top portion of the pyramid consisting of the travel teams while the base and largest portion of the pyramid consisting of the recreational soccer players. We value and place a strong emphasis on our recreational training programs, since we believe if nurtured they will produce a club's future travel players.

With any recreational training program the most important element should be fun. Through many different fun, exiting soccer related games the novice soccer player will develop and improve their technique and knowledge of the game. The scrimmages played will be maximum 4 versus 4 up to at least U12 which will entice player's participation. Playing 4 versus 4 creates an environment in which the players technically as well as tactically have to make quick decisions. These scrimmages are entirely fun due to the high ball contacts. We will work together with any contracted club to improve and enhance their current program.

*Prices Upon Request.

Private and Small Group Training:

The purpose of these custom 1-hour training sessions is to have immediate improvement. The training sessions are purely technical and based on an agreement between Soccer Alliance, LLC. and the parent/player. The sessions are fun and extremely high paced. The player is placed in a game situation using the coach as a player. Through trial and error and much repetition the player achieves quick results with measurable improvements.

* Prices Upon Request.

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